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Updated: Nov 2, 2017

  Regular Meetings:    Doors open at 7 p.m.       Meeting begins at 7:30.

at Gordon Head United Church Hall, 4201 Tyndall, Victoria B.C.

2017 Calendar

Tues November 14    Regular Meeting

Members' Photo show

Previous Talks:


  • Dr. Tony Reznieck - Collector's Plants: Why a Botanist Chooses to Grow Certain Plants
  • Bill McMillan - Gentians: Underused Gems for the Garden
  • Jiri Papousek from the Czech Republic - Growing Alpines in the Czech Garden
  • Alan McMurtrie -Magical Canadian-Bred Reticulata Iris
  • Bert Hendriksen - Cacti for the rock garden
  • Ken Marr, Curator of Botany, RBC Museum - New Plant Discoveries from Northern BC Alpine
  • Philip MacDougall Polygonatums and Epimediums
  • Joe Harvey - Fern Propagation.
  • Ty Danylchuk - Building a crevice garden in a trough.
  • Jacq Bradbury - Preparing your plants for the spring show


    • Lloyd Gilmore:Cultivation of Dwarf Rhododendrons
    • Mike Kintgen: Searching for Plants in Some of the Most Beautiful Places Around the World
    • Adrian Hutchison: Wildflowers in the Dolomites
    • Todd Boland: Spring in the Pyrenees
    • Malcolm MacGregor: Rock Gardening: What's a Heaven For?
    • Paul Spriggs: What's in the mix - Understanding rock garden soils
    • Janice Currie: A Garden of South African Impressions


      • U.K. sempervivum specialist Howard Wills at the Christmas party
      • Hans Roemer: Alpine Plants in the Southern Canadian Rockies
      • Jay Akerley North American Cordillera Plants for the B.C. Garden
      • David Sellars: The Joy of Sax: Saxifrages in the rock garden
      • Andree Connell: Cyclamen, Know 'em, grow 'em, sow 'em
      • Pam Eveleigh: Modern Plant Hunting
      • Agnes Lynn: Local Wildflowers at Your Feet
      • Paul Spriggs: Searching for Lewisia tweedyi
      • Workshops:
        Hans Roemer - growing bulbs in pots
        Maedythe Martin - growing and flowering hepaticas in pots
        Paul Spriggs - constructing a container crevice garden


        • John Fitch Professor Emeritus, UVic: What's in a Name? Latin and Greek in our Names for Wildflowers
        • Bill McMillan: Selected Gardens and Birds of Southern England and the Scilly Isles
        • Erica Wheeler from the Herbarium Dept., Royal BC Museum: Alliums
        • Kenton Seth Caucasus and Crevices; from Georgia to the Garden: Planthunting in the Greater Caucasus
          and what those environments mean for inviting those plants home
        • Gordon Murray: Trilliums, an Accidental Science
        • Agnes Lynn: Some Favourite Gems from the Olympics
        • Paul Spriggs: The Art of the Crevice Garden and a Report on the Czech International Rock Garden Conference


        • Philip MacDougall: Yunnan
        • Agnes Lynn: Flora of the San Juan Ridge
        • Janice Currie: Tripping with the Czech Republic's Best Rock and Alpine Gardeners
        • Chris Chadwell Paradise on Earth: The Beautiful Rock Garden Plants of Kashmir
        • Andy MacKinnon: Adaptations of Life in The Alpine
        • Ian Efford: New Zealand Alpines, A Failure in Planning
        • Jeff De Jong: Trough Love
        • Rex Murfitt: Waterperry Gardens


        • Zdenek Zvolanek - Daphnes
        • Diane Whitehead - Spring in Namaqualand, the Karoo, and Western Australia
        • David Sellars - Chaos in the Rock Garden: Putting Theory into Practice
        • Ken Marr -Botanizing in the Altai Mountains and Far Eastern Russia
        • Grahame Ware of Owl and Stump Rare Plants Roscoea: Robust Renegade of the Ginger Family
        • Harvey Wrightman of Wrightman Alpines in Ontario - Clay/Crevice: New techniques for new plants
        • Kristl Walek of Gardens North, Seeds for the World Woodland Wildflowers of Eastern Canada
        • Paul Spriggs: A Great Scot: David Douglas, The Man, The Legend and his Plants
        • Philip MacDougall: Roadside Anatolia


        • Richard Fraser - Helleboreganza
        • Philip MacDougall - Araucariana - Why don't we grow Philesea magellanica?
        • Grahame Ware - Mukdenia rossii- A Saxifrage Relative with Oomph!
        • Ron Long - Pink Mountain Revisited -The Conservation Crisis that No One is Aware of
        • Janice Currie - A Plant Lover's Photo Shoot of New Zealand's Most Famous Public and Private Gardens


        • Brenda Costanzo - Native Plants
        • Bill Terry - The Perfect Garden: Plant Hunting in Tibet
        • Richard Hebda - Galanthus
        • Judith McLauchlan - An Australian Spring
        • Brian Rogers: The Gardens of Government House
        • Paul Spriggs: Lessons from Crete
        • Bill Barker's slides organized by John Sheridan: a wilderness ecotourist visit to Chris Czajkowski near Tweedsmuir Park.
        • Gordon MacKay: Dwarf Conifers: The Backbone of the Rock Garden


        • John Sheridan - Remembering Pamela Dalziel
        • John Sheridan - A Further Foray into VIRAGS History
        • Rotating Workshops
          • Rex Murfitt: How to divide plants and plant them on
          • Rodger Whitlock: How to clean seeds
          • Daphne Guernsey: How to sow different seeds
        • Pam Eveleigh - Tibetan Primulas
        • Linda Verbeek - Western Alpines
        • Yvonne Rorison - Schezuan and Yunnan, China
        • Hans Roemer - Climate and Plant Choices
        • Rodger Whitlock - Hepaticas
        • Carmen Varcoe - Plant Expedition to Bhutan
        • Brian White - Vietnam's Plants from the Backwoods


        • Claire Cockcroft - Plants of Crete
        • Richard Hebda -The Colchicums: Naked Ladies and Naked Boys
        • Sean Hogan - Plants of the Sierras
        • Rex Murfitt - Myth Busting
        • Johanna Piltzer - Growing Alpines
        • David Sellars - Following in the Footsteps of Reginald Farrer in the Dolomites
        • Mark Turner - Plants of the North Cascades
        • Henrik Zetterlund - Corydalis