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Updated: July 26, 2017

  Regular Meetings:    Doors open at 7 p.m.       Meeting begins at 7:30.

at Gordon Head United Church Hall, 4201 Tyndall, Victoria B.C.

2017 Calendar

Tues September 12    Regular Meeting

Bill McMillan

My experiences growing gentians

Tues October 10    Regular Meeting

Dr. Tony Reznieck


Curator of vascular plants, University of Michigan herbarium. Past president of NARGS.

Tues November 14    Regular Meeting

Members' Photo show

Previous Talks:


  • Jiri Papousek from the Czech Republic - Growing Alpines in the Czech Garden
  • Alan McMurtrie -Magical Canadian-Bred Reticulata Iris
  • Bert Hendriksen - Cacti for the rock garden
  • Ken Marr, Curator of Botany, RBC Museum - New Plant Discoveries from Northern BC Alpine
  • Philip MacDougall Polygonatums and Epimediums
  • Joe Harvey - Fern Propagation.
  • Ty Danylchuk - Building a crevice garden in a trough.
  • Jacq Bradbury - Preparing your plants for the spring show


    • Lloyd Gilmore:Cultivation of Dwarf Rhododendrons
    • Mike Kintgen: Searching for Plants in Some of the Most Beautiful Places Around the World
    • Adrian Hutchison: Wildflowers in the Dolomites
    • Todd Boland: Spring in the Pyrenees
    • Malcolm MacGregor: Rock Gardening: What's a Heaven For?
    • Paul Spriggs: What's in the mix - Understanding rock garden soils
    • Janice Currie: A Garden of South African Impressions


      • U.K. sempervivum specialist Howard Wills at the Christmas party
      • Hans Roemer: Alpine Plants in the Southern Canadian Rockies
      • Jay Akerley North American Cordillera Plants for the B.C. Garden
      • David Sellars: The Joy of Sax: Saxifrages in the rock garden
      • Andree Connell: Cyclamen, Know 'em, grow 'em, sow 'em
      • Pam Eveleigh: Modern Plant Hunting
      • Agnes Lynn: Local Wildflowers at Your Feet
      • Paul Spriggs: Searching for Lewisia tweedyi
      • Workshops:
        Hans Roemer - growing bulbs in pots
        Maedythe Martin - growing and flowering hepaticas in pots
        Paul Spriggs - constructing a container crevice garden


        • John Fitch Professor Emeritus, UVic: What's in a Name? Latin and Greek in our Names for Wildflowers
        • Bill McMillan: Selected Gardens and Birds of Southern England and the Scilly Isles
        • Erica Wheeler from the Herbarium Dept., Royal BC Museum: Alliums
        • Kenton Seth Caucasus and Crevices; from Georgia to the Garden: Planthunting in the Greater Caucasus
          and what those environments mean for inviting those plants home
        • Gordon Murray: Trilliums, an Accidental Science
        • Agnes Lynn: Some Favourite Gems from the Olympics
        • Paul Spriggs: The Art of the Crevice Garden and a Report on the Czech International Rock Garden Conference


        • Philip MacDougall: Yunnan
        • Agnes Lynn: Flora of the San Juan Ridge
        • Janice Currie: Tripping with the Czech Republic's Best Rock and Alpine Gardeners
        • Chris Chadwell Paradise on Earth: The Beautiful Rock Garden Plants of Kashmir
        • Andy MacKinnon: Adaptations of Life in The Alpine
        • Ian Efford: New Zealand Alpines, A Failure in Planning
        • Jeff De Jong: Trough Love
        • Rex Murfitt: Waterperry Gardens


        • Zdenek Zvolanek - Daphnes
        • Diane Whitehead - Spring in Namaqualand, the Karoo, and Western Australia
        • David Sellars - Chaos in the Rock Garden: Putting Theory into Practice
        • Ken Marr -Botanizing in the Altai Mountains and Far Eastern Russia
        • Grahame Ware of Owl and Stump Rare Plants Roscoea: Robust Renegade of the Ginger Family
        • Harvey Wrightman of Wrightman Alpines in Ontario - Clay/Crevice: New techniques for new plants
        • Kristl Walek of Gardens North, Seeds for the World Woodland Wildflowers of Eastern Canada
        • Paul Spriggs: A Great Scot: David Douglas, The Man, The Legend and his Plants
        • Philip MacDougall: Roadside Anatolia


        • Richard Fraser - Helleboreganza
        • Philip MacDougall - Araucariana - Why don't we grow Philesea magellanica?
        • Grahame Ware - Mukdenia rossii- A Saxifrage Relative with Oomph!
        • Ron Long - Pink Mountain Revisited -The Conservation Crisis that No One is Aware of
        • Janice Currie - A Plant Lover's Photo Shoot of New Zealand's Most Famous Public and Private Gardens


        • Brenda Costanzo - Native Plants
        • Bill Terry - The Perfect Garden: Plant Hunting in Tibet
        • Richard Hebda - Galanthus
        • Judith McLauchlan - An Australian Spring
        • Brian Rogers: The Gardens of Government House
        • Paul Spriggs: Lessons from Crete
        • Bill Barker's slides organized by John Sheridan: a wilderness ecotourist visit to Chris Czajkowski near Tweedsmuir Park.
        • Gordon MacKay: Dwarf Conifers: The Backbone of the Rock Garden


        • John Sheridan - Remembering Pamela Dalziel
        • John Sheridan - A Further Foray into VIRAGS History
        • Rotating Workshops
          • Rex Murfitt: How to divide plants and plant them on
          • Rodger Whitlock: How to clean seeds
          • Daphne Guernsey: How to sow different seeds
        • Pam Eveleigh - Tibetan Primulas
        • Linda Verbeek - Western Alpines
        • Yvonne Rorison - Schezuan and Yunnan, China
        • Hans Roemer - Climate and Plant Choices
        • Rodger Whitlock - Hepaticas
        • Carmen Varcoe - Plant Expedition to Bhutan
        • Brian White - Vietnam's Plants from the Backwoods


        • Claire Cockcroft - Plants of Crete
        • Richard Hebda -The Colchicums: Naked Ladies and Naked Boys
        • Sean Hogan - Plants of the Sierras
        • Rex Murfitt - Myth Busting
        • Johanna Piltzer - Growing Alpines
        • David Sellars - Following in the Footsteps of Reginald Farrer in the Dolomites
        • Mark Turner - Plants of the North Cascades
        • Henrik Zetterlund - Corydalis