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Updated: Apr. 24, 2008


Monthly Parlour Shows provide a venue for competition, and also provide
  • practice in staging exhibits, to prepare for the Spring Show.
  • sharing of one's pleasure in a plant.
  • a showcase for new and unusual plants
  • a demonstration of the successful cultivation of difficult plants
The Parlour Show will only work if people bring in as many plants as they can, otherwise too few people will qualify for the "Albert de Mezey" award. This is a great learning tool and it is also a lot of fun, so members should not feel bashful about showing their plants, no matter what the standard of pot or top dressing or for that matter if a slug has just dined on a portion of the leaf!

Plants may also be displayed non-competitively, for instance, for identification.

Good Luck and have fun.

Parlour Show Awards

  1. The "Vern Ahier" award is won by the member with the year's highest aggregate score.
  2. The "Albert de Mezey" award is given for the year's highest average score. To qualify, the member must have entered at least 10 plants that year.
These awards will not be given out to the winners of the previous year.